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Welcome to OTH Challenges!

I see you've stumbled across OTH Challenges! We hope to turn this into a premiere spot to post challenges related to the CW television show "One Tree Hill." The idea for this community was brainstormed while myself and a group of Brooke/Lucas supporters were planning the 150th Brooke/Lucas Spoiler Thread on FanForum's Spoilers Board. For this reason, the community starts off with Brooke/Lucas challenge ideas and responses, but we'd love to expand it to challenges for all pairings and characters, and we'd love to see you posting your OTH stories, whether they're responses to challenges or not.

When posting a story, please include the following in your post:
Rating (NC-17 is allowed, but the stories will be deleted if there isn't a clear warning before the cut)
Brief Description or a Quote from the story.
Story under a LJ Cut.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please leave a comment on this post.
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