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Challenge #1 (Brooke/Lucas Centric)

Below are two types of challenges. The first lists five series of five words. What you need to do is pick one of these series and work the words into a oneshot. The setting can be anywhere, the time anytime, the situation anything. You have total creative freedom aside from using the five words within your story. They can be used in any way you want, in any form (ie. “drive” could be drives, drove, driving, driven, etc.)

The second challenge gives a brief scenario to write about. No details are provided so you have as much creative freedom as possible. You just have to write a story about the featured situation or event.

A) Word Challenges.
1. Puppy. Wine. Chocolate. Pounce. Laundry.
2. Lime. Flickering. Nail Polish. Umbrella. Delicate.
3. Baby. Touch. Water. Shiver. Tremble.
4. Force. Blow. Breathe. Glass. Linger.
5. Crayons. Silence. Shine. Paris (note: the city in France, not Miss Hilton). Intense.

B) Scenario Challenges
1. Brooke and Lucas look at their newborn baby.
2. Lucas watches Brooke at her college graduation.
3. Brooke and Lucas babysit Baby Naley/James.
4. Lucas introduces his four year old sister to his fiancée, Brooke Davis.
5. Lucas realizes Brooke’s the girl for him and breaks up with Peyton, telling her what he discovered.
Tags: brooke davis, brooke/lucas, brucas, lucas scott
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